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How to make connections and stay in touch no matter where you are and no matter what language you speak? Have you ever thought about a way to enable people to understand each other? Could you make a great game helping to learn foreign languages? How to fight fake news? Can you shorten the time of transmitting data?

We’re looking for solutions in the areas of news, social media, supplying information, overcoming obstacles and barriers, network, communities and more! Embrace your ideas in this category and feel the power of COMMUNICATION.

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Team name: AI Chimpanzees
Project name: Signslate – Sign Language Translator

Team members: Kamil Zawistowski, Igor Kurek, Kacper Rączy, Jan Kosek, Damian Szyszka, Mateusz Szczepański

What the project is about? Main goal of our solution was to increase communication possibilities for the deaf without speech. It was the first try to overcome this communication obstacle in freeware application. Despite problems with computing larg datasets by our models we achieved our goal.

Project description: Signslate is your personal sign language translator, allowing you to communicate with sign language users with ease. Our application uses machine learning to classify pose and motion using footage from your mobile phone.


Team name: Pink Monkeys
Project name: PKP Seat Finder

Team members: Szymon Kocur, Piotr Basiński, Dmytro Myroshnychenko, Sławomir Grzebień, Tomasz Mularczyk, Dawid Hallmann

Project description: There are some cases that PKP sells out tickets without guaranteeing a sitting spot. In such situation a person might think that he should stand the whole journey. PKP Seat Finder is created to help finding empty seats in train, it uses a network of preinstalled cameras that are connected to the neural network which uses face detection to count empty seats. Connecting it with real-time database allows users to respond quickly to the dynamically changing situation in train cars.


Team name: Terminal
Project name: SpeakAir

Team members: Kamil Gałek, Marcin Haręza, Aleksandra Buczek, Marta Mazurkiewicz, Łukasz Pawełczak, Michał Stasiak

What is the project about? Airport transfers can be a nightmare. Hours of waiting for you plane mean boredom and exhaustion. Instead of wasting precious time, you can now convert the unpleasant experience into a great opportunity. Use your airport waiting time to meet new people and explore other cultures!

Project description: Users: travelers, people between 18-35, students with a lower budget, lone travelers. Problem: long transfers, airport constraints, sitting alone, boredom
Goal: To make the time more attractive while waiting for the plane
– matching people with overlapping connecting time at the same airport, the same needs and the same languages,
– leaving a mark at the airport by sharing stories,
– gaining rewards in two categories: checked-in airports and met persons