Maciej Sawicki


Technical Team Lead / Frontend Engineer

Throughout the career I've learned how to cooperate with people and when to say 'No' if a feature has flaws. By being the creator and the first user of a functionality I pay close attention to a design and UX, and predict various scenarios that had not been caught before. Afterwards, I work with analysts and designers to find the best solution in a given timeframe. Among other things I enjoy doing are: leading people, training interns, passing a knowledge, presenting in front of an audience and learning other technologies. By hiring me I'm confident I'll bring a great value to the project.

  • Experience

    • Technical Team Lead

      -SDI Media

      I was a Leader and a Developer in a team of 7 in a project of 30. I was mainly responsible for: reporting to the management, doing code reviews, performing weekly presentations, delivering features, and a whole frontend part of the app.

      • SPS - Single Production SystemFrontend

        Angular, TypeScript, Jest

        Web system for managing end-to-end production orders.

    • Fullstack Engineer


      Apart from regular programming duties I was also responsible for: creating and reviewing frontend-related recruitment tasks, doing interviews, training interns and representing the company in trade show booths during several events.

      • User management portalFrontend and Backend

        Angular, TypeScript, Karma, Jasmine, Spring, Java, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Docker

        Web portal to group, monitor and manage access to data backup portals.

      • Data backup portalFrontend

        Angular, TypeScript

        Data deduplication and replication platform allowing for remote monitoring and configuring a physical server.

      • Car sharing platformMobile app

        React Native, Redux, Jest, Cucumber, JavaScript, Java, Kotlin

        Platform for managing car sharing fleet workers with real-time info and job batching.

      • VR PortalFrontend and Backend

        Angular, Node.js, TypeScript, MongoDB, Docker

        VR streaming content management portal with an embedded VR player.

    • Frontend Developer

      -Transition Technologies

      • Social meetings appFrontend

        Angular, TypeScript, AngularJS, Meteor

        Chrome extension arranging meetings between people with problems and their potential solvers.

      • Skills management portalFrontend and Backend

        AngularJS, JavaScript, Meteor

        Web application for managing user skills and finding the best people for a given problem.


  • Master of Engineering: Software Engineering


    Białystok University of Technology

  • Bachelor of Engineering: Computer Science


    Białystok University of Technology

  • Diploma in Piano


    State Music School in Białystok


  • HackYeah 2019

    Frontend and Backend

    During the biggest stationary hackathon in Europe our team created in 24 hours data categorizing portal, which given a lot of uncategorized documents (such as tweets, blog posts, application logs, random data) groups them by similarity of discussed topics.

    • - 1st in Data Categorizing Software
  • Białystok IT Test 2017


    In the biggest IT-oriented test in the city students from all High Schools and Universities are challenged in 10 different categories, among which are programming languages, databases, data exploration and software engineering concepts.

    • - 3rd in Overall Classification
    • - 1st in Mobile Development
    • - 1st in Object Oriented Programming
    • - 1st in Web Development
    • - 4th in Java Language Skills
  • Białystok IT Test 2016

    • - 1st in Java Language Skills
    • - 2nd in Object Oriented Programming


  • Meet.js Białystok #30


    During the lecture I talked about accessibility when building web pages. I created an app that looks and behaves nicely, but is completely inaccessible to the visually impaired users. By gradually adding ARIA attributes and using a narrator I showed that doing very little we can open our website to all the people with disabilities.

Personal Projects

  • Erepublik game bot

    TypeScript, Node.js, Nest, MongoDB, Kotlin, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure DevOps

    Headless bot which automates periodic game tasks, a native Android app as a monitoring tool, and a backend server inbetween.

  • This Resume

    React, TypeScript

    This Resume has been generated from easily customizable web page.

  • Wykop++

    RxJS, TypeScript

    Browser extension which puts additional functionalities on, such as: comments hiding, infinite scroll, etc.

  • MicroTwitter

    Angular, TypeScript, Spring, Kotlin, PostgreSQL, Docker, Jenkins

    A minimalistic Twitter clone with its core functionalities, such as: posting, commenting, liking, etc.